• Ada Charity Pool

#1 February 2021 Charity Winner.

Save the Children International, our pool has donated 20 ADA ($24 USD) on March 1st after poll analysis.

The poll results are as follows :

As there is a tie between six different charities, a random charity has been selected via a random number generator.

The confirmation of transaction is given below, please note as we mint blocks our donations will increase significantly. The payment shown below is due to our not yet minting blocks.

Where blank spaces are given, information has been removed for security reasons.

If you haven't already, please vote on the March 2021 Charity Poll.

Stake Pool Community Feedback:

We have also added Shamida Ethiopia as a charity for March 2021 as suggested by one of our delegators. You can read about their great work here: https://www.shamidaethiopia.com/

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